As you prepare for you trip to Eagle Nest, we suggest 2 rods and reels; light action (6 to 8 lb.) line and a medium action (10 to 12 lb.) line. It is very probable that the tackle you own is suitable for Eagle Nest. Our fish aren't too fussy. Your success is more likely to be influenced by smooth operating tackle and equipment. We do carry items that are a must such as #4 & 5 mepps, 3" spoons, buzz baits, spinner baits, 3/8 & 1/2 oz. jigs, rattle traps and top water Bass plugs. Gold, white and chartreuse are popular colors. Nine inch steel leaders are needed for our ferocious Pike.

If you prefer to keep your barbs for more aggressive angling, anyone visiting Eagle Nest is welcome to use our selection of barbless tackle. We have rods and reels available for rent ($40/day with tackle included).

Matching the proper equipment to the fish you want to catch is an important part of hooking and landing a trophy fish. Three of the most important steps in determining if your setup is Eagle Nest ready are; Ensure that your line is fresh without nicks, check your drag to make sure the line pulls off smoothly and check all the eyes of your rod to make sure that your rod has not been damaged in any way. This can help prevent losing a fish due to equipment failure. One last step is to pinch the barbs on the hooks you plan to use. Angling in the Province of Manitoba requires barbless hooks, so any lure that is in use must have the barbs squeezed. Informed preparation will ensure that you have a successful fishing trip at Eagle Nest Lodge.

We look forward to your stay... "Your professional guide team" (when we're not fishin' we're catchin')!!
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