Eagle Nest is proud to say that we actively promote catch and release.

As we value the importance of a fruitful fishery and strive to keep Eagle Nest present-day, guests who do not notify their guide about take home fish, will only keep fish for lunch. Individuals who wish to take fish home must notify their guide so the appropriate fish are kept.

We are fortunate to share support from the Manitoba Resource staff for endorsing a range of conservation policies. Your reward is an excellent angling adventure that can be enjoyed and shared by all.

Along with our efforts to promote catch and release, Manitoba has enforced barbless fishing for more than 20 years. Barbless fishing only requires those lures on your line to be pinched with pliers.

Shorelunch and Take Home fish must meet the following guidelines: Pike 22"-26" and Walleye 17" and under can be kept for lunch. All Walleye over 17", all Pike over 26" and all Smallmouth Bass are to be released. Limits can be processed to take home for an additional cost per fishermen.

Replicas: We would be happy to help make arrangements for an attractive fiberglass replica as a reminder of your trophy catch. Your guide will make sure appropriate pictures are taken to ensure the finished product is spot on.

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