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7:00am - Coffee delivered to your cabin

  • Decaf coffee or tea is available.

7:30am - Breakfast

  • Indulge in a hearty Canadian breakfast prepared by our chef daily
  • Choose something on the lighter side – Hot cereal, fruit and toast

8:00am - First day out on the water

  • Meet your guide on the dock eagerly awaiting your arrival
  • Catch lunch, primarily walleyes for a mid-day feast

12:00pm - Meet for shorelunch at one of our scenic spots along the water

  • At one of our scenic spots along the water
  • Your guide will prepare your freshly caught fish in front of you on an open fire
  • Each day enjoy two different ways of preparing fish along with the other fix'ns - potatoes, beans, fruit, fresh baked cookies etc.

1:30pm - Back on the water

  • Spend the afternoon sport fishing for your fish of choice
  • Catch smallmouth bass, northern pike or walleye

5:00pm - Return to the lodge after an eventful day

  • Share stories, relax, nap, hot tub, read a book etc.

6:30pm - Evening dinner

  • Enjoy a 3 course meal prepared exclusively by our chef
  • Choose baked salmon over the feature meal if preferred
  • Selection of fine wines available

7:30pm - Open Evening

  • If you want to spend more time on the water, dock help is available to assist you for an evening of fishing close to the lodge
  • On site activity such as horseshoes, pool table, the gym, hot tub, TV, Internet, or visiting around the campfire are popular options
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